Support & Service

All questions from our customers arrive at the customer service department. This team is the first point of contact for both our clients and our own technicians. They answer questions and offer solutions. The team has extensive experience and technical expertise regarding our products, which they mostly acquire within the organization itself.

Maximize uptime

We deliberately choose for flexibility and direct lines of communication. Because our departments are housed in a single space, we can help each other quickly and operate in a solution-oriented manner. This makes internal consultation very easy. Together, we come to effective (or successful) solutions that help our clients get back on track quickly. Our all-round service engineers are highly experienced in mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic elements.

Remote assistance

Many of our clients take care of small maintenance work themselves. They are generally able to resolve malfunctions on their own as well. If they cannot find the solution to a problem, they call us and we can view their machine’s status via remote control. In some cases, we can resolve the malfunction via a phone call. If this turns out not to be the case, we send a technician. Their equipment contains the right components and tools, and they are well informed on the machine. Of course, getting a malfunctioning machine up and running again is our top priority.