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In our fourth newsletter in the run-up to K-2019 we would like to share more with you about the exhibits we will be showcasing during the fair.

Brink & Stork IMM

One of Stork’s current customers, with decades of experience in the packaging industry, once described the performance of our machines as,

“…the best kept secret in plastics”

In saying this he was referring to how little we speak about the performance of our injection moulding machines and how much this deserves to be mentioned more. We couldn’t agree more and the team at Stork IMM is determined to change that.

So, with that thought in mind, here is a sneak peek into what we will be showing at K-2019!

Stork 7000 kN IMMStork IMM will showcase two exhibits at K-2019 highlighting the continuing trends in the packaging market:

  1. A large tonnage Stork FoodLine 7000 kN IMM featuring a fully electrical clamp and producing a 250 gram food container with an 8-cavity Brink mould including IML, take-out, and vision inspection. All this in less than four (4) seconds. That’s fast!

  2. A fully electric Stork FoodLine 4400, producing a 1.5l feta cheese container with a 2-cavity Brink mould including IML and take-out in less than four (4) seconds. That’s energy efficient!

The packaging industry, more than other industries, is continuously challenged to outperform on sustainability. Weight reduction, shorter cycle-times, greater output, and all on a smaller footprint shows the continuing trend towards faster and larger tonnage machines. Our Stork FoodLine 7000 kN IMM will highlight the optimum hybrid drive concept for such high-speed large tonnage machines. Meanwhile, our FoodLine 4400 kN Stork IMM will offer a fully electric execution to offer the most energy efficient solution.

Our best kept secrets!

“Stork IMM has chosen the concept of a heavy-duty rack and pinion gearbox for our fully electrically driven closing and clamping movement. Applications utilising this configuration are running consistent, 24/7 and 365 days/year, year after year in cycle-times less than 3 seconds. Our range of E-clamping units now extends up to 10000 kN.”

“The Stork-FoodLine 7000 reaches injection speeds of up to 750 mm/sec., whilst always remaining in control for a swift but gentle changeover from injection to holding. The 27 l/d high performance screw with 1.6 m/s circumferential speed guarantees perfect dispersion of the masterbatch, especially on regrind materials at high outputs in gr/s. and kg/hr.”

“Multi-cavity family moulds increasingly require large tie-bar spacing but at the same time the trend in wall-thickness reduction requires even stiffer clamping units. The Stork FoodLine 7000 has an opening stroke of 1200 mm, a generous tiebar spacing of 1021x1021, and at the same time a minimum deflection.”

“The linear Rack and Pinion drive concept is again the fundamental choice for a robust, heavy duty drive concept for injecting thin-walled packaging products.”

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Let's go DutchAt Stork IMM we are constantly evolving the future of next generation injection molding machine technology. At K-2019 we look forward to the opportunity to share with you a glimpse of that future and where Stork IMM is heading next.
See you at the show!

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