Stand-alone or fully integrated

The stand-alone Stork E100 vertical injection unit is the optimal solution for fast cycling 2K applications.
The unit is mounted vertically on top of the fixed platen of the injection moulding machine. The position can be adjusted horizontally to the gate position of the mould.

E100: all electric injection 2K unit

The unit has a sturdy construction. The all electric servo drives provide a fast and precise injection process. This ensures that no hydraulic oil will contaminate the mould area and the operation is very energy efficient.
The unit can operate stand alone, but it can also be integrated seamlessly with Stork IMM machines. In this case, the unit is operated directly from the control of the main machine!

For safety and sequencing, the unit is equipped with two Euromap 67 interfaces. This allows the system to be used in cooperation with side-entry systems. No special adaptions are required for the main machine. Additional signals are provided in the Euromap 67 interface to enable and ensure optimal process injection timing for optimal product quality.
A 19” multi touch screen is mounted for operating and setting the unit. The operation is intuitive and is easy, according the Stork standard look and feel! The IPC control system is fast and uses the EtherCAT fieldbus system.
Stork IMM machines need extra hard- and software to enable the integration features and optimal injection timing.
Available models:

E100 type   A B C D
Screw diameter mm 25 28 32 35
L/D   20 20 17.5 16
Max. injection pressure bar 2200 1800 1350 1100
Injection volume cc 44 55 72 86
Injection speed cc/s 122 152 200 239